Hazardous Tree Assessment

In Southern Arizona, trees provide one of the most coveted natural resources in the desert: shade. But if a tree fails, due to a neglected tree defect, no amount of shade is worth the costs associated with the potentially incurred personal and property damages.

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Tree Removal


Every tree is unique, so is its removal.

When the time comes to take out a tree from your property its size and location determine the method. 

All situations are different, but in general:

  • Large trees or trees near structures normally require large equipment such as a bucket truck or crane.
  • Small trees usually can be taken down by limbing (removing branches) and bucking (cutting the tree into smaller pieces).
  • Any trees to be removed near underground utilities will require the property be marked by Arizona Blue Stake.
  • All debris will be removed from the work site. Any usable large pieces of a tree can be cut into firewood (see our firewood section below).
  • Lastly, a decision must be made regarding the stump. Our company also provides stump grinding or removal services (see our stump grinding section below).

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Stump Grinding or Removal

Tree stumps may be the last step in total tree removal, but it’s an important one.

Stumps (including the root ball) can be removed completely from the site or the stump can be shaved down a few inches below the soil level.

After the stump is ground down there will be a hole in its place. The wood chips from the grinding can be used to partially fill the hole, but it is highly recommended the site be packed with clean fill since these wood chips will degrade and unevenly settle over time.

Pruning (trimming)


Like that old saying, “all things worthwhile take work,” if you have trees they will usually require pruning during some stage of their growth.

Major reasons to prune trees are:

  • Tree health
    • Trees are kept healthy by limiting their exposure to pathogens. The removal of dead branches and cross-branches will decrease the likelihood of “tree-eating” insects and microorganisms gaining access to a tree. 
  • Safety
    • Storm resistance is a major concern for our desert trees especially during the monsoon (rainy) season. A properly trimmed tree will be less likely to fail if caught in high wind gusts or the sporadic micro-bursts known to occur in Southern Arizona.
  • Aesthetics
    • Has the cute little mesquite tree you planted a few years ago developed into… a bush?  Did your office once have a mountain view and now all you can see is a tight tangle of limbs and leaves? We can help you restore your trees to their previous glory or unmasked eye-pleasing potential.

24-hr Emergency Service

If you need immediate assistance with a downed tree we are available 24 hours a day seven days a week. Please call (520) 792-TREE (520-792-8733). We work with all insurance companies.


Other Services

Land Clearing:

Do you need a large area of trees removed or fence line cleared?

Contact us online or call us for a free estimate.  


For any felled tree we would be happy to cut the large usable (disease-free) pieces into 16-20 inch rounds (or other requested custom sizes). This firewood can be stacked for the customer’s use or removed from the property.

Additionally, we carry a large assortment of locally-sourced seasoned (dried) firewood year-round. Our current selection includes: apple, eucalyptus, juniper, mesquite, oak, pecan, and pine.

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