We are a small family-owned tree removal service company in Tucson, dedicated to helping our customers with every step in their tree improvement or removal projects. 

Whether you have an “old giant” eucalyptus tree that’s become dangerous for your estate or several “bushy” palo verde trees, we are here to work with your needs— big or small.  

Customer satisfaction is extremely important to us and we promise to get the job done using the safest, most efficient, and affordable method available.

Also, although our work is already considered good for the environment, we go the extra mile with incorporating as many eco-friendly practices as possible in our day-to-day business. For example, all debris from our worksites is disposed of at a local land reclamation facility. This facility processes landscape waste into compost and clean fill for use in the community. Additionally, wood chips from stump grindings or firewood cuts are reused by a local rain water harvesting and grey water system company. Lastly, all large disease-free pieces of a felled tree are cut into firewood, which can be used as an alternative renewable heating and cooking fuel.  

Nicholas Tree Removal Service is licensed and insured and a company you can trust. 

Call (520) 792-TREE (520-792-8733) for a free estimate or contact us online.